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INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE: "New York needs a major Shakespeare theater"
August 11, 2008

THE GLOBE AND MAIL (Canada's national newspaper): "From Fort to Theatre - Almost"
March 5, 2007

LONDON OBSERVER: "The Big Apple's Globe"
April 23, 2006

NEW YORK OBSERVER: "The Globe Trotters"
April 3, 2006

NEW YORK TIMES: "Sleeping Beauty"
February 5, 2006

This article featured a HUGE color image of the New Globe drawing by Foster and Partners on the front cover of The City section.

ARQUITECTURA VIVA (Spain): "El New Globe Theater de Foster en Nueva York"
Vol. 100, 2005

ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM (Japan): "New Globe Theater for New York by Foster and Partners"
No. 418, Vol. 2005:07

THE ECONOMIST: "Old spaces and new globes"
May 21-27, 2005

THE ARCHITECT'S NEWSPAPER: "Shakespeare in the Park"
Vol. 7, April 20, 2005

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URBAN (Italy): "Shakespeare nella grande mela"
April 2005 issue

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April 2005 issue

PENINSULA (Qatar): "Globe Theater may occupy N.Y. harbor fort"
March 18, 2005

LONDON TIMES: "Glass Globe theatre with Manhattan view"
OPINION EDITORIAL: "Scene stealer"

March 7, 2005

Be braced for that British humor (notice the correct spelling) in the editorial piece! To open a new window and read both articles, click here.

GUARDIAN: "Arts Briefing" and DAILY TELEGRAPH: "Window on Bard"
March 3, 2005

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PLAYBILL: "A Globe Theatre for New York Suggested for Governor's Island"
February 28, 2005

May we point out that Governors Island is spelled without apostrophe?

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NEW YORK TIMES: "For Shakespeare, a Home That's a Castle?"
February 26, 2005

HAMLET: Is't possible?
GUILDENSTERN: Oh, there has been much throwing about of brains.