Our actresses and actors

Michael Kross

Lead Actor

Michael has been in the industry for decades and known for some of the bets spectacles ever made.

Amanda Katon

Lead Actress

Born in Switzerland and lives across the world she is able to mimic any possible culture, experience and emotion in the real time.

David Lauren

Supporting Actor

He has been working with us for a decade and he is well-known for mystery and realism spectacles.

Susan Sue

Supporting Actress

If one actresses can make the world go around, that would be Susan. She is known for her beauty and performance.

Jennifer Arlow

Leading Actress

Jenny is our pride and our reason why we are so great. She is beautiful, smart, and charismatic and countless other things all our viewers will want to see in the real world.

Mathew Cusac


Mathew is able to make you laugh within seconds and to put a smile on the faces of us all.

Tony DeMilo

Award Winning Actor

Tony can make you cry and smile or can drag you into his spectacle within seconds. He is one of those actors you must have if you want to impress others.

Mary Garner

Charming Actress

Mary is funny, beautiful and appealing actresses that work with us and help us create some pieces of art all people should see.

Mark Wood


Mark knows how to entertain the audience by showing the best act to the audience.

Emma Stuart

Supporting Actress

She is very hard working actress and knows how to serve best to the people.